Fall 2021

MATH 2310 3.0 Section A: Calculus of Several Variables with Applcations

MATH 3021 3.0 Section A: Algebra I (Group Theory)


Fall 2020

MATH 2015 3.0 Section A: Applied Multivariate and Vector Calculus

MATH 3271 3.0 Section A: Partial Differential Equations

Winter 2021

MATH 3410 3.0 Section M: Complex Variables

MATH 6470 3.0 Section M: Pseudo-Differential Operators

Summer 2021

Topics in PDE

PDE2Lecture1, PDE2Lecture2, PDE2Lecture3, PDE2Lecture4, PDE2Lecture5, PDE2Lecture6, PDE2Lecture7, PDE2Lecture8, PDE2Lecture9, PDE2Lecture10, PDE2Lecture11, PDE2Lecture12, PDE2Lecture13, PDE2Lecture14, PDE2Lecture15, PDE2Lecture16, PDE2Lecture17, PDE2Lecture18, PDE2Lecture19, PDE2Lecture20, PDE2Lecture21,PDE2Lecture22, PDE2Lecture23, PDE2Lecture24

PDE2Assignment1, PDE2Assignment2, PDE2Assignment3, PDE2Assignment4